Deck Installation

With decks, as is the case with some of the projects that we are involved in there is no reason for you to feel limited by what we are able to offer. At the end of the day, we are most likely going to be able to create a deck where you want to create a deck. We are going to be able to create a deck out of the materials that you want us to build the deck from. Certainly, getting a chance to talk with clients about these types of projects is an exciting time, because virtually everything is on the table.

What Type of Deck Do You Want To Build?

There are certainly plenty of answers that people could give us to this question. Honestly, that’s exactly why we are asking. No two decks are ever going to really be the same. Especially if we are talking about an attached deck versus unattached decks or a rooftop deck. There are many different options that you could potentially choose from. We want to make sure that we are able to lay out all of the options for you so that you can ultimately choose what fits your property best.

Where Do You Want To Build The Deck?

Maybe we needed to start with this question first. There are many reasons to build a deck and we feel that pretty much all of them are valid or you could at least make a case for each of them. Depending on where you intend to build the deck we’ll be able to recommend the type of deck that we would feel could match that particular area of your home in the right way.

Do You Need Any Special Permits To Get This Done?

We finally wanted to be able to give you a straight yes or no answer to this question. The reality of the matter is, it does depend. It depends on where you build the deck sometimes even the size of the deck can play a role in this. What we can give you a straight answer on is the fact that we can help you correctly decipher whether or not a particular permit or local inspection of any kind is necessary to build the deck. Here in Syracuse things could vary by area quite a bit. If this is something that you’re worried about give us a call and we’ll help you figure things out. 

Deck Restoration Services

If you have an existence that has seen better days and you need some help getting it back up in decent shape we can certainly help out. Not only through repainting or restaining the surfaces, but also making timely repairs to handlebars, stairs, and other parts of the deck that are known to suffer more wear and can be more dangerous if they’re loose. Give us a call and we can get you helped out right away.